Omni Web and Real Audio?

Piet Keizer

Omni says that plug-ins for Netscape and IE also work with Omni Web, if you put them in 'library/internet plug-ins'. But the Real Player plug-in won't work with mine.

Does anyone know how to get Real Audio working with Omni Web?
Originally posted by James Bond
I'm unable to get real audio working with the IE 5.1.1 (did not work either with 5.1).

Tips? Ought it to work?

It doesn't work because Real still hasn't released
an OSX version of their player or plugin. The Real plugin isn't working for you because it's Classic code.
I hope they never port the player, instead authoring a quicktime import plugin.

Of course that goes against their business plan of nickle and diming EVERYBODY involved with their crapware.

I hope they go out of business.