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    Powerbook G3 Series 1998 Problems

    I finally got an install on a exp bay drive. I can't remember exactly what did it, since I tried many times and when it worked I don't recall doing anything different. One thing though is that I moved the drive to the right side bay, even though I did the install while the drive was in the...
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    Virtual Terminals

    Normally in FreeBSD if you are not running X-Windows you have virtual consoles using Alt-Fn to switch betweem the consoles. If you don't want to launch multiple Terminal windows (can't imagine why not), you can simply download a copy of a package called "screen" and compile it. The "screen"...
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    Powerbook G3 Series 1998 Problems

    I've got an original powerbook G3 series system. I have been trying to install OS X public beta on a hard drive in a removable media bay, but can't seem to get the install system to boot. All I get is a screen with a broken folder in the middle. Any ideas? I've tried. 1. Using the entire...