Powerbook G3 Series 1998 Problems


I've got an original powerbook G3 series system. I have been trying to install OS X public beta on a hard drive in a removable media bay, but can't seem to get the install system to boot. All I get is a screen with a broken folder in the middle. Any ideas?

I've tried.
1. Using the entire removable disk. (only 1 partition)
2. Reformatting the removable disk.
3. Using Unix format for the disk (UFS)
4. Using HFS+ format for the disk
5. Installing OS9 on the removable and installing on top of it.

All of these attempts result in the same boot problem.

I'm not sure if you can boot off the exp bay drive. I think I read that on apple's site, or here, I can't remember.
I had a weird question mark when I first installed ( powerbook g3 series 233 - internal factory 2gig), and I zapped my pram, and it worked.

Did you try playing with the system disk settings?
If you don't have it, get it from apple, it's free. then you can choose which drive to startup off of.

I did have previous success with Darwin and DP3 or 4 on an external scsi drive. If it helps, and my ram has been upped to 160 megs. I'll have some killer screenshots up soon. keep an eye out!

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I finally got an install on a exp bay drive. I can't remember exactly what did it, since I tried many times and when it worked I don't recall doing anything different. One thing though is that I moved the drive to the right side bay, even though I did the install while the drive was in the left side bay. I've put LinuxPPC and Darwin on exp bay drives in the past and seem to recall that there were some problems. On LinuxPPC it was basically fstab issues since the drive device changes depending upon which bay the drive is installed in. This may be the issue with OSX PB, I haven't looked at the fstab yet.
It's the right bay! I remember with linuxppc, it couldn't find anything in the left bay(floppy). I have no idea why, but virtualpc can't find it either.

Hopefully the final will have support for the left bay!