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    Internet Explorer

    Use OmniWeb,I think it's much better-one of the few Cocoa apps available,but get the new build,4.0 beta 5 at it doesn't yet support Java or CSS,but it does have JavaScript and embedded Flash support,so it's more functional than IE,and the UI is awesome...
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    EMERGENCY! Classic Environment Prob

    Try restarting with 9 as the startup disk,then in 9 restart with X as the startup disk.This might help it did for me,I don't know why.Classic was horribly buggy for me at first,then it began to settle down.
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    developer tools

    The dev tools will be available for download by ADC online(i.e. free) members in mid-October. Rick
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    Why is MacOs X PB so slow

    I've heard that people with 512+ megs of RAM have been getting good sped performance Rick
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    PPP Connect (LCP Failure)

    I have the same problem on an iBook,I'm trying to find a solution. Rick