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    Moi aussi.
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    Anyone want Finder Labels back?

    Yes, of course. Thanks for snapping me out of it.
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    Anyone want Finder Labels back?

    When OS X came out, there was so much clamor about spring-loaded folders that Apple felt compelled to bring them back. Well, I never cared for spring-loaded folders and never used them, but I have dearly missed Labels. I made a couple of posts here and elsewhere about them, but nobody seemed...
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    next version of Win XP

    Opening a browser is not particularly a big deal on a Mac either. The benefit of apps like Watson or Sideshow is that just the info you want is presented to you in an unobtrusive and concise form. You don't have to browse through a web site, and you don't have to put up with annoying Flash ads...
  5. R word association!

    Roseann Cash
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    Steve Jobs got punched!

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    next version of Win XP

    Well, I can read some German. It's not about a new version of XP. It's about an app "under development" by Microsoft called Sideshow. Actually, I've seen a version of Sideshow. It is like Watson and Sherlock 3 (and many other apps that we'll be seeing in the future) in that it "scrapes" web...
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    MaxOS X 10.0.2 and Greek

    Ah. Sorry I didn't read your post carefully enough.
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    MaxOS X 10.0.2 and Greek

    The Symbol font (with Greek characters) has been around since at least System 7, if not earlier. But if you can find a real Greek font (which shouldn't be too hard -- try Sherlock), then OS X should have good support for using it with the standard Greek keyboard layout.
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    Yes, Digital Blasphemy has the best desktop pictures.
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    the linguistics of X

    I think it's interesting that we all seem to have decided that it's going to be OS X 1.0 (as opposed to, say, OS X.0). If Apple had decided to use arabic and not roman numerals, it would be OS 10.0, not OS 10 1.0, right? Not that it's a big point or anything. Heck, I still call it "oh ess...
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    what a nice!

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    what a nice!

    The real irony is that Emailer 2.0 and the mail function of Cyberdog were such great apps. How can Apple just throw away two great products and then just dump this make-do mailer on us?
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    BrickHouse --- HELP!

    Try this. It's much easier.
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    Anyone still having connection probs?

    I'm afraid I don't know what to say about your connection problems. (But I'm sure someone will.) But I can assure you that there have been no updates made available to ordinary plebes like me and (presumably, or you'd know) you. Paying members of the Apple Developer Connection (or whatever it's...