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  • Hey sorry, I didn't get a reply back from you
    But it's a retail disc.
    My thread was about Parallel if you don't remember.
    Today I received a Software support question to my private email when I am not even a software tech volunteer here. His email (by the long headers) came straight from him to me. He seems legit but I am wondering how he used my email address when I don't publish it in this site or in my CP settings (only private settings). So how did a new person come to this site and get my email to email directly?

    Well, there is an email address on your member profile, so if he became a member he could see it there. The one I'm referring to is the one you use for MSN messages on your Contact Info tab.
    Hi, i tried your suggestion but it didn't work,it says some of the software is misssing. Do you have any suggestion what should I do?
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