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    Protection help

    I ended up just copying sensitive files to a thumb drive, including those in the Dropbox folder. Deleted, in Keychain, several passwords. Upon return of my Mac, I'll just copy back the files. All the other solutions were just too cumbersome or overkill.
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    Protection help

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    MacBook Air early 2015 Catalina Install

    Strange! One more place to try. Go to App Store and search for macOS Catalina and download it from there. Quit everything before you attempt to install.
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    MacBook Air early 2015 Catalina Install

    Where did you get this OS from & how? Recommended: go to System Preferences and then Software update. Delete what you have and run the above.
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    Protection help

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot. Not going to wipe my Mac---Far more overkill than I need. Just protect a few files & passwords.
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    Protection help

    BUT.....If I delete some files from the MBP Dropbox folder (after copying to thumb drive) they will be deleted from the cloud.
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    Protection help

    My beloved MBP has to go back to Apple tomorrow for, probably, a new battery. Bottom panel is swollen on both sides. Problem is, however, I have sensitive data in my Dropbox folder. I cannot just copy & delete the folder as I use most of the data also on my iPhone (which will be my only...
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    Upgrading a 2009 MBP. SSD and OS question - Hurdles and Hoops

    DeltaMac just told you, adding a SSD will not allow you a newer OS than El Capitan unless you 'patch' it with the link he provided.
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    Shrink software

    Curious if anyone has come across software or a way to shrink a page or screen just the opposite of Control + 2 fingers up? I do a lot go genealogy work and often a cannot take a screen shot of a page because it is larger than my 15" MBP van handle. (OH how I miss my 17" MBP!) I can squeeze in...
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    Permanently revealing Library directory ...

    Are you wishing to 'browse' that library, or you looking for a specific file? If specific, I would use EasyFind to bring it up to read, duplicate, or copy.
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    What OS version are you trying to reinstall, and on which Mac? Time was that OSs were on disks, nowadays, they are on Apple's servers.
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    stolen files

    You said he is threatening you! That is a crime. Call it blackmail, extortion, or harassment, it is a crime!
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    stolen files

    Unless you have/had illegal files. go to the police!
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    (Catalina issue) Macbook Pro built-in keyboard and trackpad are unresponsive

    If you have no bluetooth devices, have you tried turning off Bluetooth in System Preferences? Go to advanced there, also, and uncheck all. Restart.
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    The best Home Security

    I'm protected by 2 dogs and Smith & Wesson.