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    No ringtone sounds on my iPhone when I get texts from my wife...

    I have set the ringtone default for everyone to "Circuit" so I don't miss them! I get the sound from everyone's texts, except those from my wife. I've looked in the Settings and there only seems to be a setting for phone calls. In the Contacts I have her text tone set to "Default" and texts...
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    Switching This Week

    I've imported other sources of mail into a Mac but not Outlook. But it should be OK. One offer. You should also be able to import them...
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    Can No Longer Drag Email From Inbox To Mailbox Subdirectory

    Just quit and restarted Mail and it's back to normal. ?????
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    Can No Longer Drag Email From Inbox To Mailbox Subdirectory

    Well, this is odd... I thought that I would give it a try, and I can drag and drop e-mails from the inbox list to any folder. The folder turned blue and the message moved to the destination folder. Then I went to do it again a bit later and the destination folder didn't turn blue. I assumed...
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    Combo Update For 10.12.4

    The prompt to update to 10.12.4 via the App Store appeared when I logged on this afternoon. I will update in a day or two. Let's wait to see if it's stable first.
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    Combo Update For 10.12.4

    The Download button on the UK Combo page is working today. Download in progress. But there is no "update" offered in the App Store via "Software Update".
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    Combo Update For 10.12.4

    A quick look at the page. I can confirm that the Download button does nothing at all in the UK. I'm on 10.12.3 and there has been no offer of 10.12.4 in the Software Update yet.
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    Warning: Beware Of New Scam

    In the UK we have been getting fake Apple e-mails "confirming your upgrade to 1TB of iCloud storage". The link looks like an Apple Store page. But behind the "From" name was an email address that was clearly a scam one. A lot of stuff we have been getting seems to originate from an e-mail...
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    Tech Support Posts?

    We got rid of almost all of them when we installed "cloudflare" on our car forum.
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    Safari Preferences/security/plug-in List. How Do I Delete Items?

    I have set the Safari Preferences/Security/Plug-in settings for Adobe Flash Player to a general setting of "Ask". This works, but I have visited many sites and each time you accept a site, that name is added to the the list in the preferences box, which is now getting very long. Some sites I am...
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    New Here

    Welcome! :)
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    Was My Libreoffice Hacked Or Accessed By Outside Third Party?

    Until I changed to a fast broadband supplier last year, my ISP would provide a different address each time I connected. It's common in Europe when the supplier has more subscribers than they do addresses.
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    Losing Focus

    I think it's meant to do that. Mine does. It clears when you log in.
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    Opinions On Encryption And Firewall?

    Every so often I do a global search of my computer for any reference to my credit card and debit card numbers, and delete any that are found, but not much else. The firewall gets left in default setting.