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    Wanted games?

    WORMS WORLD PARTY-if you've never played any version of Worms, try to get your hands on one. It is a FUN, hilarious, turn-based game in which your team of worms chooses from an arsenal of outlandish weapons to eliminate the opposing worms. See the developer's website and ask for a Mac version...
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    Compact Flash Reader?

    Does anyone know of a USB Compact Flash card reader that works in X? I'm having to boot into 9 to use my Kodak-branded one. I'd especially like to know if there's one which works within the Image Capture utility.
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    Filesharing with Windows?

    A great article on how to install both Samba and Sharity is at this url:
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    I gots the final. :)

    You "boys" do realize some of us are "girls"? ;) Thanks for the excellent informative long post, though, Bogie. I'll try to be more RELEVANT from now on. :) Though I think I'm hardly to blame for the devolution of this thread. :)
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    Want to know if your printer will work with OS X 10.0?

    I've seen a lot of people all over the net asking about this. Here's the TIL from Apple (dig how Apple spelled Macintosh "Macinthosh"--we all make mistakes :) ) The default installation of Mac OS X 10.0 includes drivers written by...
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    I gots the final. :)

    We poor college students... Any benevolent OS X benefactors out there? Throw me some ram across the pond too, maybe? I'm at Keele University. It's next to Stoke-on-Trent, which is right smack in the center of England, basically. In between Manchester & Birmingham. I got the iBook before...
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    I gots the final. :)

    That's right, if your MAC needs some lovin', I'm available. Otherwise I'll be by here by myself fondling my ibook and reading longingly about the good times you guys are having with X. I'm an exchange student in England for the semester, and don't really have the time or $$ (or should that be...
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    At last, Printing to my HP 840c See this thread, where printing to several models of HP usb printers (with varying success) using this driver is discussed, and user Vertigo has put together an installer package of the HP beta drivers for those of us who don't have...
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    Web Browsers for OS X

    At this point, I use Omniweb for the most part. Why? Because of Microsoft. Namely, because my Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer does not work (scroll) with Microsoft's own web browser, but it does scroll in Omniweb. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Omniweb is Cocoa? As far as...
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    iomega zip & macosx

    Make sure you're not making the mistake I did. I thought OS X wouldn't mount disks from my 100MB USB Zip drive, but then I realized that it just couldn't read PC-formatted zips--Mac-format disks mount fine.
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    Optical Mouse

    I'm using the MS Intellimouse Explorer. Both right and left buttons work all the time. The scrolling wheel works in Omniweb (probably why I use Omniweb more than iCab or IE), and also scrolled in Finder windows for the first couple of weeks after I installed OS X, but has since quit working--I...
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    HP Inkjet support for OSX

    You're in luck! See this thread for some beta HP printer drivers that work okay: Don't let the initial post about having to compile them yourself scare you--scroll down, and Vertigo has compiled a really simple installer that you...