Want to know if your printer will work with OS X 10.0?


I've seen a lot of people all over the net asking about this. Here's the TIL from Apple (dig how Apple spelled Macintosh "Macinthosh"--we all make mistakes :) )

The default installation of Mac OS X 10.0 includes drivers written by Canon, Epson, and Hewlett-Packard for certain models of their respective printers. If you own one of the printers listed below, simply connect it to your Macinthosh -- and Mac OS X automatically sets up Print Center to use the printer.

Printer drivers included:

* BJF360
* BJF660
* BJF870
* BJS600
* S400
* S450
* S600
* S800

* Stylus COLOR 680
* Stylus COLOR 740
* Stylus COLOR 760
* Stylus COLOR 777
* Stylus COLOR 860
* Stylus COLOR 880
* PM-720C
* PM-780C
* PM-880C
* PM-900C
* PM-3500C

* DeskJet 810
* DeskJet 812
* DeskJet 830
* DeskJet 832
* DeskJet 840
* DeskJet 880
* DeskJet 882
* DeskJet 895
* DeskJet 930
* DeskJet 932
* DeskJet 935
* DeskJet 950
* DeskJet 960
* DeskJet 970
* DeskJet 990

Apple may add more printer drivers with a later version of software. If your printer is not listed here, check with your printer's manufacturer to determine availability of drivers for use in Mac OS X.


1. Some printing features are not included in Mac OS X 10.0, such as custom paper sizes, banner printing, booklet printing, and watermarks.

2. ColorSync color matching may produce unexpected results when printing to any raster printer.

If you're on the lucky list, happy printing! :)
What Apple/Epson fail to tell you is that even these "supported" printers won't work with serial port connections, only USB.

So, if you're using a "supported" printer on a beige G3, you are totally out of luck. I tried and there is no option in the Print Center for a serial port.
I installed a USB PCI card in my beige G3 some time ago in order to download from my digital camera. Yesterday I hooked up an Epson 777i and was able to print from OS X without a hitch. I think my card cost about $40, and I've seen less expensive cards on sale recently. It's not a bad deal, when you consider that you get access not only to printing but to other USB peripherals as well.
HP has released a large number of laser printer drivers -- check versiontracker. I installed the suite and it has the 2100 series (what I happen to use). The driver seems to work well.

I was surprised to see them out this soon.
And my HP G85?
A combined printer, fax, scanner

They didn't even figure out correctly to write a driver for OS 9.1. System freezes when you try to print out multiple pages in reverse order.

Let me recommend NOT to purchase this printer. OSX or not. Apart from the driver, the integrated scanner quit his job after only one month of usage.

They told me to repair it - an did not offer to change the printer. Well, I could have had bad luck, but I'm convinced that the following rule always applies:

With higher complexity, the failure rate grows exponentially!

Just wanted to let you know - back to MacOSX discussions.

I'm really peeved that Epson didn't ship drivers for my 900N by now. Even if they release the drivers for the 900, I'm not holding my breath that they will work over TCP/IP for my 900N.

Only consolation is that the Mac OS 9 drivers work under Classic so for my X native apps I have to print to PDF and then open the PDF in a Classic version of Acrobat Reader and print from Classic.

A two step process is better than not at all...

Some of you others without native drivers will want to try this little workaround.

Actually, I just remembered that I think I read somewhere that Classic drivers only work over TCP/IP and not USB or serial.