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    OS X beta / Webserver

    The file you're looking for is /Library/WebServer/Configuration/apache.conf A search for cgi-bin will quickly find that the dir /cgi-bin/ on your webserver is linked to /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables, so that's where you'd put your cgis. Can't make the examples work? They not marked as...
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    Asterizk: That's what the linux ppl the the Mac ppl... :) While true for original Mach the kernel in MacOS X is heavily modified to speed it up. That means that they have pulled most things that Linux has but Mach doesn't into the kernel. I think we'll have to wait and see which is...
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    Terminal app quit working [Process completed]

    Your tcsh is probably damaged. Try selecting Run command from the Shell menu and type zsh
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    Feature request for

    Uhm, it works the way you want it to work for me. I tried to find some way to make it do what you say it does, but couldn't. Only time the previous message is selected is when you're on the last message. Are you sorting your messages by date?
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    tar: Failed open to read on /dev/nrst0 <No such file or directory>

    It means you didn't give it the f flag. Normally an extraction command should look like this (v is for verbose and is optional): tar xfv &lt;tar file&gt; or tar xfvz &lt;tar.gz file&gt;
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    Mail folders are in standard *NIX format

    Actually, this is the format Netscape on Mac uses as well, and perhaps others. It's more or less the standard.
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    how do i see how much RAM is being used?

    Especially if you have the classic env running. It eats memory fast...
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    how do i see how much RAM is being used?

    Well, ProcessViewer does show some memory information... (especially under the statistics tab). As for total memory usage, you can probably count on most of your memory being used at all times. At least when you've had your comp running a while. It's the way memory management under OS X works...
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    Logitech Mouseman - extra buttons kinda work...

    You are correct. Moreover Carbon apps can't support the scrollwheel unless they use the new event model which comes with Carbon 1.1. It's currently only in alpha, and most developers will probably wait for final before upgrading.
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    IP Multihoming / DNS(named) ?

    Yes, it is and yes. Moreover you have to do it every reboot, so you probably want to put it in a script somewhere. The command is "ifconfig en0 alias [ip] netmask [mask]" If you want to remove it use "ifconfig en0 -alias [ip]" I haven't tried named.
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    CENTRALAD cookie

    I got a 400 Bad requests. The cookie list was too long... It turned out I had 218 cookies named CENTRALAD. I deleted them, and now only a few clicks later I have 12 new. This seems a little buggy...
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    Personally I have no need to see them, but you can edit /.hidden if you want to. Note that even though they're hidden you can type them in the Go To field in the open and save dialogs.
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    Tweaking the swap file

    They're in /var/vm/. Don't think you can change anything about them at the moment.
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    Password and keyboard layout problem

    This is a classic. :) Solution: Never use international characters in your password, and don't use non-letter characters you don't know where they are on an american keyboard. There are other problems with using international characters, for example if you later try to login remotely via a...
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    A DNS resolution question

    I believe "niload -d hosts . < hostfile" will do what you want. Check the manpage.