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  • Hi- Are you having success with your Netgear MR-314 wireless setup? I've got a Dual 500 MHz G4 (old, I know!) currently serviced by cable modem (Comcast) via Ethernet. My understanding is that I can buy the Netgear MR-314 and not need to add an Airport card; in other words, the Netgear router would send the cable signal wirelessly; the Netgear receiver would receive it and send it out over Ethernet to the Mac. And my Mac, currently happy with the wired cable-modem-to-Ethernet connection, would not know the difference (and therefore not require any software changes). Surely I'm missing something here (?) For instance, does the Netgear MR-314 ship with all the hardware I would need (router and receiver, at a minimum)?

    Jonas Cox
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