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    It actually goes even further than that, because there is a fourth triplet, i.e. man chmod. Sticky bits, setuid and so forth Some UNICES used to be able to hide files using this method.
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    MacOSX 10.4 from an eMAC

    No sorry mate but you do not log into MacOSX you may log in through a GUI to the interface, Darwin is what you log into. Darwin is a BSD derivative and exists out there for anybody to compile and put onto any bit of kit that has the necessary compilers. None of the stuff we like about the...
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    Scratch Disk Size

    This is going to be presonnal, I like Seagate disks, we use around 30+ Terra bytes worth in 18GB chunks organised into 3 SANs, we get very low failure rates, i.e just a handfull per year at most. I have 3 Seagates in the G4 at home, mirrored 10 GB ATA root disks and 1 * 200 GB SATA for...
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    MacOSX 10.4 from an eMAC

    I have to wait for the EBAY Auction to end before I can comment on "It's one license for one machine, not one license for one user." with regard to 10.4. But I appreciate your reply for its broad spectrum answer, which suggests very strongly that there is a lot of noise in the channel and no...
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    Dreamweaver Mx2004 Crashing In Osx10.3

    Which version of 10.3 are you running. I have tried DW at work on what seems and older versionr (v6.0) on 10.3.9. If you select the blue Apple on the far left and select "About this mac" (sorry if this is too basic), this'l tell you what version of the OS is running. Maybe this is an issue.
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    MacOSX 10.4 from an eMAC

    It was a little bit more than pointing out, and I have no problem with rules. I agree with anti-theft policies, as far as software is concerned, I have to work with them on a fairly major scale each day, millions of pounds of sofware per year just to license 25 seats, but its on very...
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    MacOSX 10.4 from an eMAC

    Panther (the full version) would install, from what I can tell from other websites, on more or less any kit from G3 to G4. Is what you're saying that the Tiger DVD that came with your laptop, is not loadable on an identicle laptop, which COULD be the same laptop after its been to the garage...
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    MacOSX 10.4 from an eMAC

    The return or the "peaked cap and jack boots" again, I wish you could be more intellectual with your approach, rather than the Military "Two Step". I never once stated that I owned a copy, if you must know its a question that arose out of a conversation, i.e would it an eMac version run on...
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    US purchased Photoshop license

    The only limitation is where you get support from, but otherwise there no restriction on which country you run it on. If you buy it in America then I suspect you could not use European telephone support. Not that it counts for anything anything. A side effect, and its not a big thing, is...
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    UNIX is the underpin to all this: Open at the prompt type: ls -al You get something like the following: drwxr-xr-x 39 movies movies 1326 23 Aug 14:04 . drwxrwxr-t 7 root admin 238 11 Feb 2005 .. -rw-r--r-- 1 movies movies 3 23 Oct 2004...
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    Speech to Text software

    I was looking for something similar for some old "reel to reel" tapes of my father from about 50 years ago. I was looking for a wholey different type of product but came across this link. Looks like it might be expensive though.
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    MacOSX 10.4 from an eMAC

    nixgeek: I was more interested in what actually can be done, rather that deal with the moral implications at this time. The licenses are "single user" much like a lot of software, meaning that you can have as many copies as you like providing you don't run more than one at a time, we use...
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    Panther killing me

    If you are able to login a the UNIX prompt as root or something, which it sounds like you can, then authentication looks as you can run fsck, and so it would look like a problem with the GUI login and/or persmissions. Looks as though the disk is ok as fsck has worked? I'm concerned that...
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    Mac mini or Imac g5?

    Go for a cheaper Mini. Monitors are cheap as chips on Ebay, don't buy a new one. Bought a 23" Apple beast for 40 GBP, + 4 Port Hub, very capable monitor. Any USB keyboard and mouse will do just fine, although I would try and find a keyboard with the extra USB port on it so as not to use two...
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    Symbolic Link Problem.

    Links can ppoint to files, devices, other links even nothing at all ln -s /etc/httpd/httpd.conf $HOME/Desktop/apache.conf A file apache.conf will appear on your desktop, if you edit that file you will be editing the config files for your Macs Apache server, which is stored elswhere.