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    iMac BBerry 350 / 196 / 13

    Hi Guys 'n Gals. Just installed OsX on my iMac. Data before installation: iMac Blueberry, 350 MHz, 196 Mb RAM, 13Gb HD with 5 Partitions (all HFS+, 4gig OS904us,3gig OS904de,3gig OS904de, 2gig no Sys, 110Mb core OS904us). I had OsX DR4 installed, within the 4gig partiton. I just dumped the...
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    Just a suggestion: Check if you have the correct ROMUpdtFile. Remove all optional RAM. Reboot the machine with CD. Set startdevice CD. Shutdown. Insert RAM. Start with CD. Use a second mac with ethernet to make the ROM upgrade again. Or: Connect the 'Book as an external FireWire...