iMac BBerry 350 / 196 / 13


Hi Guys 'n Gals.

Just installed OsX on my iMac.
Data before installation:
iMac Blueberry, 350 MHz, 196 Mb RAM, 13Gb HD with 5 Partitions (all HFS+, 4gig OS904us,3gig OS904de,3gig OS904de, 2gig no Sys, 110Mb core OS904us). I had OsX DR4 installed, within the 4gig partiton. I just dumped the additional DR4 files on the drive, leaving the OsX-enhanced System Folder from OS9 untouched.
Booted from OsX-CD and installed it on the 4gig.
Works fine, even the language change to german and french. The classic support goes pretty well too, even with the german OS9-volumes.

Now my next project is, to install OsX on my 196 MB Wallstreet with 2 4.5gig part. and Os904us.