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    Writing DVD-RAMs with iMac G5s

    I am one of the guys on XLR8 that flashed my Dualcore G5 DVR-110D to a DVR110 to enable DVD-RAM write (as purchased would only read). Works good. I first used DVD-RAM with my LG-4163b in my G4. At first, I was just curious but once you use it, you will need it. Its awesome, basically a 4.7GB...
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    Mac wont boot up after Tiger Install

    I agree and already did. I actually just finished up yesterday. I do love tiger, it works well and certainly worth the upgrade, just curious as to why one drive worked well and the other didn't (they are identical drives even!!). Like you said, it's pretty easy to put everything back in place...
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    Mac wont boot up after Tiger Install

    I am having the same issue. Here is the kicker though, I succesfully installed it on one hard drive, but when I went to install it on my second hard drive I get that sign. I KNOW the hardware is good and up to date as both drives are fairly new, and I am writing this on my backup drive. I...
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    iDVD slideshow issue

    I've read and read and I can't figure this out. I am making a DVD to play at carshows showing the restoration of my musclecar. iDVD seemed perfect until I ran into the 99 picture limit per slideshow. I have about 250 pictures I would like to autoplay without having to press buttons, etc. The...
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    Personal Web Sharing, Port Forward, Advice needed

    I have a website with my old car restoration that is rapidly running out of ISP supplied room....I was debating using PWS as well on my old G3 which would give me lots of room. So my question is, if I have my G3 on my netgear router with port forwarding to set up the website, that would...
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    Future PowerPC beyond 3.2 ghz?

    I'm no expert but other threads at macrumours etc were saying that they are 3.2 but also that they were "stripped down" versions designed to do one thing very fast and were not really suitable for a computer enviroment which has many varied tasks. Its all a bit deep for an average computer...
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    Slow imac G5

    Just for a laugh, go into your energy saver panel and see where the processor setting is set...there is a low, automatic and full....if its set to low that wouldn't help. My wife has 1.8 G5 imac as well, it smokes along pretty good.... later Tim
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    How many Mac's have you had in your lifetime? (Home only + parent's machines)

    My then girlfriend and now wife got me hooked on Macs. I couldn't even find the power switch on her IIvi but overnight became a computer geek. But the poll said how many have I owned so here go: 6400/180 Performa (added hard drive where zip went) G3/350 (overclocked, extra hard drive, zip...
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    Superdrive not recognized/supported.

    Sounds like an LG drive, right?? Good stuff, very quiet and very fast....have you installed patchburn?? I have the GSA-4163B in my QS with 10.3.8, works great. When first installed, it was not recognized by the iApps, profiler said "not...
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    Need a driver...

    Well the prolific website says that the 3507 is go figure. Probably more BS. Next time oxford chipset for sure... later Tim
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    Need a driver...

    Thanks for the info guys, its a USB and Firewire device, I am using it on the firewire bus. It should be bootable but I just get a blank grey screen (lcd monitor, looks like a bunch of tiny, tiny little squares)...I'm not sure I need a driver anyway, I think the only drivers are for earlier USB...
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    Need a driver...

    have a PPA International model P511-1912 external HDD enclosure. The later model P511-1943 comes with both mac and windows drivers (mine had windows only) works but I suspect this may be why i can't boot off this...anyone have this driver by any chance?? Can't find a copy online...
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    Case modding Forum

    Go here, its actually a pretty intensive site with some good info now that i've spent some time there... later Tim
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    Case modding Forum

    I'd be interested in something like this as well. I'm not much for cutting up our elegant macs, but some info can be really helpful. I have swapped out all the fans and drives in my G4, it is much, much quieter (ie, you can't hear it from 10 feet away unless the drives are writing data)...some...
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    Unreal 2004 frame rates

    Thank you!!! How easy was that? Now I really feel like an idiot!!! :o later Tim