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    Flash Drive

    What are the pros and cons of using a flash drive instead of an external hard drive as a backup for documents? I've been using a flash drive for a long time now, removing it each time I add or change a document with no problems at all. I'm wondering, though, if anything can go wrong.
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    Sporadic Performance of Photo Booth and Front Row Remote Control

    Sometimes Photo Booth and the Front Row remote control will work, sometimes not (they seem to have a strong relationship). Occasionally, when an attempt to open Photo Booth is made, a message appears that there is no camera attached, even though a camera is an integral part of this iMac G5...
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    Obsolete Program

    Allow me to restate: To be clearer about peripherals, from one of the two computer's USB hubs, I have attached a USB hub, which in turn is attached the keyboard and mouse, a color printer, a memory stick drive (for backing up documents), and a Griffen PowerWave audio interface for an external...
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    Obsolete Program

    For several years, I have created music notation documents in MOTU's Mosaic. Since it has not been upgraded for many years, it can only run on "native" OS9. I have over 300 music files created with this program, and I have need to use them from time to time. That said, I am now using the new...