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  • Did you ever find a solution to the problem below. I see the same pattern using Outlook 2007 on pc and entourage. Messages fro exchage servers work fine.


    8/17/2005 6:42:28 PM Question about Outlook meeting invitations and Entourage

    I've got a question about Outlook users sending meeting invitations to

    an Entourage user. Is an Exchange server required for Entourage to

    recognize the meeting invitation as an actual invitation so its

    calendar can be updated?

    I can send meeting invitations from Outlook users to other Outlook

    users and when the recipients open the invitation e-mail, the "Accept"

    button is enabled and the meeting can then be added to the recipient's


    When an external Outlook user (from a customer of the company for

    example) sends an invitation through an Exchange server to my Entourage

    user, Entourage recognizes the invitation and the user can update their

    calendar. When an internal Outlook user sends an invitation _without_

    an Exchange server being involved, Entourage doesn't recognize the

    invitation and I noticed the mail headers didn't contain a

    "text/calendar" part.

    Is an Exchange server required in this case?







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