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    I recently heard from a Microsoft Mac beta tester that Microsoft's Exchange program is NOT planning on EVER releasing Exchange for OSX. What the hell is up with that? OSX has far superior networking capabilities to OSX Server, which I think they are doing... or maybe it was OS9... Either way...
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    Repository for 3rd Party OS X Software

    Try I've seen PINE for OSX there.
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    Can't initialize main drive

    I'm having trouble initializing my main hard drive in OS X. I am booted off of a different hard drive, so that's not the problem. It says that it times out trying to unmount it. I REALLY need to wipe that hard drive completely. Help!
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    Access Windows Shares Under Mac OS X in 10 Easy Steps

    Ok, I got Sharity installed and I can see my workgroup in the CIFS folder (although not in the GUI, but I can live with that). I can see the computers, but not the folders in them, and I never needed to login with a login/pass on a PC. There is one computer where I can see the folders inside...
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    BLOCKED from booting in OS 9

    won't that delete my hard drive?
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    BLOCKED from booting in OS 9

    Ok, here's the situation: I have an internal IDE Western Digital hard drive, and in OS 9 used Silverlining Pro to access it. Now, in OS X, it somehow automatically detects that the hard drive is there, which is great. But when I try to reboot into OS 9, it completely crashes between the...
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    Has anyone gotten Realplayer to work?

    I've been trying to run RealPlayer through Classic, but when I do, I don't get in sound. The picture is great and clearer than ever! But the sound isn't working, so it's kinda moot. Anyone know anything about this?
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    Let us not forget that Charles Darwin proposed the theory of Natural Selection, not evolution. And Natural Selection basically put forth "Survival of the fittest," that only the things most able to survive in variable environments, especially those other than it's natural environment, will...
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    Where'd da files go?

    Thanks a bunch man! The problem itself sucks, but at least I know it's easy to fix. Thanks!
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    Classic Games and MacOS X

    Diablo 2 runs pretty well. Mind you second-button support is dead, so you need to use command-click for skills, but other than that it runs pretty well.
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    Report everything to Apple too!

    Everyone please remember to report all the problems you're having here to the Apple feedback site! They need to know about all the problems you're having as much as you need them fixed so you can have a working version when it finally comes out. Just a friendly reminder. :^)
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    Where'd da files go?

    Yes, but it doesn't show up period until I search for it. We're talking files I downloaded two days ago that didn't show up until I searched for them today.
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    Where'd da files go?

    Whenever I download something from the internet, the file doesn't show in the Finder. It'll only show up if I search for it in Sherlock and drag (not drop) what I find to the window where it's supposed to be. Then it magically appears whereever Sherlock said it was supposed to be, even though...
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    Scrolling Wheels

    The scroll wheel on my mouse generally doesn't work, just like Apple said it wouldn't. But for some reason, in Mail, it actually does. Does anyone know what's up with that? -Trelane