Has anyone gotten Realplayer to work?


I've been trying to run RealPlayer through Classic, but when I do, I don't get in sound. The picture is great and clearer than ever! But the sound isn't working, so it's kinda moot.
Anyone know anything about this?
I wish I could help you. The only thing I can tell you is that it works flawlessly under Classic in my system. In fact, it doesn't crash (and it crashes all the time when I run it in OS 9)
My experience with RealPlayer has been quite the opposite. It quits unexpectedly whenever I try to start it. What version of RealPlayer are you all using? I downloaded mine just a few weeks back. Very strange.
Really? I'm running RealPlayer 8 Basic (ie. the freebie)

It's behaving great, and trust me, I have used it for literally HOUS under classic and it has rarely crashed.

It used to crash (and bring the system down) 3-4 times a day under OS 9.
I can't use Real Player in Classic AT ALL...it can't detect my DSL connection.

I had the same problem with Classic IE until I deactivated an extention in Extension manager.

Anyone have any solutions? I'd love to use Real Player w/o re-booting to 9.1.

P.S I've tried reinstalling and using the freebie and the Pro model of RP 8.
Damn RealPlayer Basic won't even launch in Classic.

It loads and then quits before anything comes up.


I have to boot into OS 9 to view them.

I wish Real would get off their lazy A$$es and release an OS X version. Or atleast liscense the technology to Apple for QuickTime..

Anyone know of a player that can view Real Media files in OS X? (Not Classic) :confused:
Gee...and I thought wanting to watch Big Brother streaming webcams was a bad reason to want Real Player...

(I'm downloading the Small Wonder vids as we speak ;)