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    Good ol' Apple

    i've posted sooo many comments on macosx it isn't funny...but i still have not received this survey...i'm hurt, how come i never got it....does anyone know how long it will take to get this email, thanks, and let me know
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    impenetrable OSX?

    think of it this way guys, is there any other ways to get into a osx or unix box...let me put it this way...what were a windows geek or unix geek and apple always boasted how secure it was with os9 and all, but then osx came out and it was unix which is really powerful but may have more...
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    Launching GUI?

    okay to get to console from OSX all you have to do is type in >console in the login box, then you're in console, to get out type exit and then you will be taken back to the login screen hope that helps, tz3
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    transparency on all windows?

    hi guys/gals just wondering after playing with OSX and expecially the clock i was wondering if it was possible or if anyone's found the option to make certain or all (globally) window's transparent...i thought that there might be an option to control the level of transparency of the windows...
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    impenetrable OSX?

    hi guys/girls... i was just wondering if anyone experimenting with OSX has any hack attempts made on their boxes and if so through which ports...i really wonder which ports are open on MacOSX and how secure it is compared to OS 9...with the power of unix comes the very high possibility of...
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    my feedback on OSX

    i feel that in MacOSX, it seems funny that it will allow only 22 char in the GUI, but actually 255, i meant in the GUI and thanks for the tip about the left icon, thanks, but the icon will not change dynamically like in MacOS9 thanks
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    my feedback on OSX

    okay, i feel that OSX is good work for the most part, i like what i am seeing being developed...going over the aqua GUI these past few days, i have noticed a few things... 1. Smart Scrolling is gone or very hard to find. 2. For the top left, "application name," it would be a good idea to...