transparency on all windows?


hi guys/gals

just wondering after playing with OSX and expecially the clock i was wondering if it was possible or if anyone's found the option to make certain or all (globally) window's transparent...i thought that there might be an option to control the level of transparency of the windows or the background on the windows...sorta like KDE or someother unix desktop far, i haven't seen this feature yet and it would be really cool to have...well, anyway, just wanted to see if anyone knew how to do it or if anyone thought it might be a good idea...let me know what u think....
Wow. You can make all cocoa apps have the transparency by adding the alpha value to the core, playing with the devp' tools... (Look on the date!!! :eek: )
hi tz3gm
Must have been a very early release of OSX or you played with the clock a bit too much :)

I'd prefer to go the other way and be rid of transparent windows, I'm sure they do nothing for the performance of X on my little powerbook.

I saw a 'fudge' that would let you change the transparency of Terminal windows (tried it, hated it), but you've made a fair point... if it can be done/changed why not put it in system prefs.
Didn't know it was available in term prefs, i found this in a mag ages ago:
defaults write TerminalOpaqueness n
where n 0>1

i think i was still on X10.0 then.
i will reboot in jaguar later and have a look, who knows what else i may find?
I'm not sure, but I think you can do what you're after if you use either diablotin or tinkertools. Both are available on version tracker ( I suspect it's diablotin, but both are useful anyway for different things, like making the hidden UNIX files visible (not recommended unless you a) know what you are doing or b) want to learn the hard/more interesting way or c)have big brass b@lls and dont care) :) .