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    MacOS X 10.0.4 or greater ?

    Apple needs to allow all of the 3rd party companies to use software update for distribution. It really annoys me that software update is going to bug me about the IE update that I will never download and won't tell me when a new version of Omniweb, Notes, Fire, and all the other great apps that...
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    Serious PPPoe Problems. Need Help! Who's smart enough?

    Configure Advanced under network and either disable the internal modem or move it below the built in ethernet. I have Earthlink as well and had the same problem.
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    Yet another hidden feature.

    >skins We can only hope. Personally I want soundsets back.
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    When will OS X get faster?

    WE need a Cocoa Finder, but not just for speed. I would like to be able to use the services in the Finder. How many other features can you think of that are only in Cocoa other than running faster and tying into the system better?
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    BulletinBoard Upgrade

    This is great. Its speeds things up using the vB Code interface in the post reply page. now can you add sit, tgz, etc to the valid file extensions for Attach File?
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    OmniWeb vs iCab internet browsers

    Omniweb is the better of the two by far. I downloaded and tried the current version of iCab and had it crash at launch. When i got it to launch it froze while loading this site. WheniCab gets the bugs worked out I'll try it again but right now Omni all the way.
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    Would you buy a Newton if it was re-released?

    Ok what kind of expansion slot would it use? Considering the size it would have to be SD or something in that size range. Lets get started;). lol
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    OSX preinstalled starting TODAY

    It defaults to OS 9. OS X is installed and ready for use. The user has to manually tell it to start in X. This means that anyone can try it but they have to know something about the Mac to use X.
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    Yet another hidden feature.

    Check this page at ResEx. I can't help but wonder how many other hidden features there are in X:).
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    512MB ram?

    From the discussions on this forum and running X on a computer just like mine with 512 MB. It gets much faster with more ram. The dual G4 with 512 MB ran about 50% faster than mine.
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    Would you buy a Newton if it was re-released?

    I want one too! I think it might be possible if you could get a flexible screen that could roll up inside it. lol
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    IE and StuffIt

    Drag the file to the trash and empty the trash. You may want to change the "Mac OS X God!" thing if your new to the Mac ;),
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    root password?

    You have to enable it using one of the several methods described on this forum. The easiest is to open netinfo manager and use the option under one of the menus.
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    I think the search feature is broken. It only works about 10% of the time I use it even if I use a single word that is specific to the thread I'm looking for.
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    DiskWarrior and Norton Disk Doctor 6.0 for OS X

    We should see a native version of NDD soon. They are already beta-testing the NAV for X. btw, great avatar. Do you have one with the black armor?