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    Transferring files between a Mac and a Samsung Galaxy SIII

    OK, I get that these two companies don't like one another. I don't know which one is causing me trouble, and frankly I don't care. My old HTC Desire S was easy. Take the USB cable, plug it in, transfer files through Finder and you were done. To my surprise the newer phone cannot do it this...
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    which is faster?

    I'd have to second the advice of buying a new HD. Your computer is rather old, but one of the true strengths of a Mac is that they age somewhat slower than other computers. Both RAM and hard drives are cheap, both are easy to upgrade. If you haven't done it already, upping your RAM will give...
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    can someone please assist me! i'm so lost!!

    Yes, you have to buy the physical copy of the install DVD, that is correct.
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    Mac Mini, viable option to an iMac?

    Oh, I was under the impression that the cap was 8 GB for the Mini, Apple's online store won't let me order with more, so I assumed it would not accept more at all...16 should be fine for the foreseeable future, so that's one concern put to rest. As for the monitor, I know HD TV is another way...
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    Mac Mini, viable option to an iMac?

    Thinking of buying a new Mac in the next half year (just to avoid them releasing new and shiny hardware a week after I buy something), and I'm stuck between an iMac and a Mac Mini. iMac was my first choice, but price is an issue and it seems judging by CPU I will get more power out of a Mac...
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    iTunes podcast directory

    But if I move my entire library to an external, make an alias to the library on my internal drive, unplug everything and take my MacBook with me on vacation, I don't have any of my music with me. I'd like my music stored internally, but push the heavy space requirements of podcasts to an...
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    iTunes podcast directory

    Is it possible to set the iTunes Podcast directory to something different than where my music is stored? I have a MacBook and wish to have my music with me wherever, but sadly 800+ TEDtalks and the likes are starting to eat way too much of my space, I would like podcasts to go onto an external...
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    Memory or HD update

    Seems to me you're asking for a small guide to what the difference is. Think of memory (or RAM) as a desk and hard drive (or hard disk) as a closet. The more memory you have, the more stuff your computer will be able to keep close and handy to pull up quickly. The bigger your hard drive, the...
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    I am puzzled at how everyone seems to jump the gun and declare Facebook dead. I have about 100 friends on Facebook, two of them have made accounts on g+, neither very active and neither have closed their FB accounts. At the moment I like g+, I want to use it, but I have no one to talk to over there.
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    I want a bigger iPod Touch

    I like how iPod Touch works. I really enjoy the interface, it is just so damn intuitive and simple. I want to hang it on my living room wall and use it to play music, but I want it with a bigger screen, something like 13". I want to throw a party and have all my friends being able to walk up to...
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    iPod Touch screen gone bright white

    Yes. It then goes black and turns on again, just as it should, but the screen is still bright white when it is on. Seems this is a matter only with the screen though. When I turn it on, I can slide off the screen lock (can't see it, but I know where it is), press the Music button and press where...
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    iPod Touch screen gone bright white

    I was playing Myst, then the screen started acting up a bit (slightly brighter in the middle 1/3 of the screen), a minute later the screen went all white. I've tried putting it to sleep, I've tried connecting it to my computer. From what I can tell, the iPod runs fine, it just doesn't display...
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    Guilty of genocide?

    At least he's being consistent. The catholic church has always been opposed to condoms, even among their own members and even before we knew of AIDS. I don't believe for a second that the Pope hates africans or that he is trying to keep the disease alive, I think he's just against condoms...
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    What is your favourite quotes?

    Every once in a while Star Trek brings up excellent points. "I believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen every day. But I don't trust coincidences." -Garak
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