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    VOX N1 NAS & Print Server Headaches

    Ok well I'm going to try the binary because I have a feeling I'll run into some linking issues while building the source. As far as the 1320 being compatible it is with either the HPIJ driver, the official HP Driver, and the generic post script driver. I had it shared over my lan for a while...
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    VOX N1 NAS & Print Server Headaches

    Ok I recently purchased a cheap NAS enclosure off of eBay. Its a SATA enclosure and actually performs quite well despite negative reviews on and others. I was also surprised to see that it was in fact a SATA enclosure and not IDE as stated in some of those reviews I had read...
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    Recovering File Vault disk image?

    I tried to log into my powerbook(10.4.10) this morning and i was given an error message "You are unable to login to the user account at this time". I logged in as root and was presented with a completely empty home directory but upon further investigation with the terminal i found the disk...
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    Severe security hole...

    Here is the source code for anybody who is a little weary of my file. It wasn't accepted very well over at #include <stdio.h> int main (void) { int in; printf("Welcome to Mac OS X\nPlease select a shell:\n1 - BASH\n2 - TCSH\n3 - CSH\n4 - KSH\n5 - Exit\nWhich shell...
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    Severe security hole...

    It isn't a script, the file was written in c so you opened the binary in textedit thats why you got all that garbage. If you'd like I can post the source code. In the mean time I'll be working on a gui installer for this app so its easier for the end user to implement. Hopefully that will be...
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    Severe security hole...

    check out there is the possibility of safari executing malicious code remotely. One workaround is to turn of "Open Safe Files" the problem I had with that is a user may try to open the file anyway so I created a workaround. It is a program that a user would...
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    Viruses On Os X

    post your /etc/hosts file please, that may contain the answer...
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    Linksys WRT54G Tool

    no problem feel free to post anymore questions you may have!
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    Linksys WRT54G Tool

    yes an airport card will work the wrt54g, as will a few others like some belkin or dlink wireless cards.
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    Linksys WRT54G Tool

    mortenosx - Does your mac have any wireless car installed in it. If it doesn't you will not be able to connect to it. If you are hardwired into your router but wish to bridge the two together there is some usefull firmware and tutorials over at Also if you are connecting...
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    Parallel port for PCI Macs

    I dont think anyone is really talking about practicality so much here, I think boing is just trying to make the information available. As he said he spent two years searching and hoped he could save someone else sometime. I didn't think cards were available for OS X but its good to know that...
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    OSx86: Are You Serious?

    RacerX - is Mac OS X a direct descendent of NEXTSTEP 3.1 or OPENSTEP 4.2(even though OS 4.2 is a direct descendet of NS 3.1)?
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    Apple Multicast Dns Responder

    Try booting from the restore cd that came with the emac, go to the disk utility and verify+repair permissions and verify+repair the disk and try rebooting and see if that works. If not you can try and archive and install. You do that from the install option from the restore disk. Proceed with...
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    100% CPU Usage

    Open up /Applications/Utilities/Activity go to all processes, if you see anything out of the normal let us know