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    Entourage Database Failure§

    I was swending some emails last week with large attachments. Now when I open it says heir "Cannot access your data. To attempt to fix the problem rebuild your database". When I do this it says "compacting failed. A read/write error occurred (-40)" Now, I been told that there is a storage...
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    entourage database!!!!!!! can't rebuild!!

    no it's definitely entourage:mac V.X and my database is only 1.99GB...
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    entourage database!!!!!!! can't rebuild!!

    I have opened entourage x and it cant access my database. I now assume this is because i'm up to 1.99gb. When i rebuild as instructed i get read/write error (-40). Anyone know what this is? How i can fix it and get back into my amil program. I've lost all my adresses and emails!! omeone said...
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    Entourage X database

    me too!! can anyone help???
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    Entourage Database issue

    I've got the same problem and would love to know what the update was!! i can't access any of my emails right now!!!