Entourage Database Failure§


I was swending some emails last week with large attachments. Now when I open it says heir "Cannot access your data. To attempt to fix the problem rebuild your database". When I do this it says "compacting failed. A read/write error occurred (-40)"

Now, I been told that there is a storage limit of 2gb for the database. Mine is at 1.99gb!! so, i assume this is the problem. I've also been told I may be able to fix this by getting an update "service release 1" that'll take my storage up to 4gb.

Does anyone know if this will work and if it will, where can i get the update - it seems to have disapeared from the microsoft site!!

also, when i go into my other microsoft office programs it says there's an unexected framwork error.

can anyone help me?? I have lost two years of email!!!



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Hold down the Option key whole launching Entourage and when the box comes up, select "Rebuild the Database". This will help and will NOT erase your emails. It just repairs the stupid database for Entourage (it is just ONE file containing ALL the Entourage emails).


Have you got it fixed? Are you using v.X or 2004? You can download the update by running Microsoft AutoUpdate or by going to Microsoft's Mac site: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/

This site has lots of good info, tips, and help for Entourage: http://www.entourage.mvps.org/

My dad and I are running the latest version of 2004 and have no problems with database size. Mine is 2.8 GB and his is 7 GB.

Hope this helps,