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    New Macs SLOWER than their predecessors?

    The DDR is underutilized only for CPU-based operations. DMA and AGP-based operations will benefit from DDR.
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    What is your favorite UNIX shell?

    zsh babee! :D
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    Greets. How would I hack the system to make the ZoomRects twirl, ala Kaleidoscope? Thanks in advance.
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    Application Icon in Menu bar ...

    YES! This is EXACTLY what I am talking about!! Maybe we can write to Apple and have them put this back in. :D (a pipe dream?) hehehe
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    Application Icon in Menu bar ...

    Really? That's WAY too bad! It's the only part of OS X that I cant stand (I know its petty) ... :D
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    Application Icon in Menu bar ...

    This may seem like a stupid question (heh), but how do you make the application menu from text to an icon? For example: screengrabs with "Grab" in the application menu next to the apple menu instead of the icon for the program ... Thanks in advance! I cant seem to find this anywhere! - X
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    I sincerely hope you're correct, AK. I suppose I can make my own BlueSteel theme for Mac OS X by hand ... but I'm too lazy. I guess I cant complain if I'm too lazy. Well, I will be lazy no more! I am suddenly inspired! I shall create a BlueSteel theme for Mac OS X (by editing the proper...
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    Actually, I do most of My stuff from Darwin/XFree86. When I need access to Mac apps/music stuff, then I switch to Mac OS X. This is mainly due to the fact that I despise Aqua. :D
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    I don't know if anyone is planning on doing something like gkrellm. I imagine a direct port is unlikely, as I gkrellm seems pretty closely tied to GTK and the Linux process model, both of which are foreign to OSX. That's right. I have GKrellM on My SPARCstation Voyager, and I had to...
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    I was wondering if there is a software package like GKrellM for OS X, and if not, does anyone have any plans to port it? Thanks!
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    Themes ...

    Now, I know no one has yet build a theme thingie for OSX (or am I completely misinformed?) I heard that Kaleidoscope may be ported to OSX. What I was wondering is would it be possible to get into the resources of the widgets, window borders, etc. and create your own theme from scratch, by hand...
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    OSX Unicode ...

    When you access the UNICODE keyboard (how to you make it the default, BTW?), does it work in the shell as well? I come from a Solaris background, and I can use such characters as: Þ, þ, ð, Ð, ý, etc. on the command line using the "Compose" key. Cant wait to get a Mac with OS X on it. Then I...
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    I have since switched over to ZSH, but in tcsh, there are a number of startup files you can have, .login, .profile, and .tcshrc. I have set some environment variables in my .login, I dont have a .profile, and I have even more environment variables all my aliases, and set my prompt in my .tcshrc...
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    POSIX compliance & GNU tools

    > 1) How 'POSIX-compliant' is Mac OS X? Will most of the GNU development tools port over to it? < From what I know, OSX is POSIX, they just didnt bother to get POSIX certification. > 2) I know that there's probably a gcc port already, but what about GNU make, perl, flex, bison and GNU's...
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    Themes ...

    I would love to see something similar to the Enlightenment theme Blue Steel for MOSX. This is the coolest theme I've ever seen, and have it installed on My Solaris box @ home.