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    Transparent Dock (Thanks Mac Addict!)

    Nice thing I checked in on this thread, I wsa looking for something like this...
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    Full-Screen Mode for Macintosh Internet Explorer

    I signed on as well. And added a wish to include key chain support.
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    Oh my.... that's FAST!

    I envy you all with DSL, cable T1... whatever connection you have to get those speeds. I have waited almost seven months for the tele company to come and install ADSL in my house. Their support reply? "Soon." I hate it!
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    Overclocking B/W G3

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    Overclocking B/W G3

    Anyone know where I can find info on how to overclock my B/W G3 300?
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    PPP problems, still...

    I am not going through any proxy on OS 9 (my explorer prefs just agreed): can't try it. :( My ISP can assing me temporary dns's beside my IP adress. I wonder if PPP recognizes it. Maybe there might be a way to tunnel or bypass the PPP connection and use any other application. Any ideas?
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    PPP problems, still...

    Yes, you are probably right about those points... I will have to continue to try different configurations...
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    PPP problems, still...

    Ive been having real trouble getting my internet connection to work. I have been watching the forum for any other who have trouble with PPP. I followed this to-do list I found in another thread: 1. Begin by using MAC OS 9 2. Connect to Internet the usual way (aka PPP) 3. Look in your...