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    Beta or Alpha.. You make the call.

    You must be doing something wrong...... I am using OS X PB and... I am currently using Appletalk to connect over ethernet to my OS 9 Performa 6360 Apple TOLD us no Airport Support before it went on sale....You didn't have to buy it. What other unsupported features are you refferring...
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    Clarus the Dogcow

    DogCattle and even references to DogCattle are getting rare these days. I am glad to see someone else who remembers. How many iMac owners do not even know what a DogCow is? It's sad... In honor of that most famous DogCow, Clarus, let's all give a great big MOOF! (the call of the DogCow)...
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    Running FINE!

    My experience is an unqualified sucess! (Using it right now ) I have a G3 350 overclocked to 400mhz with 256MB ram. I bought a used ATA33 3.2 gig Seagate drive specifically for OS X, formatted it clean installed 9.0.4 ran the 9.0.4 setup then installed OS X ran that setup and have had no...