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    Password Vulnerability in new OS X Versions?

    And don't forget Pseudo, which can "sudo" any graphical app without recourse to the CLI, if that's your bag. (Note... strobe makes a very important point... do not pseudo! Some people have had success with it, but for me, it did what strobe described, wreaking havoc on everything...
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    add users + add group plus Darwin 1.3

    Here is's basics of netinfo. Also you can check the man pages for niutil (the main net info browser) and the other ni* programs. If you are most comfortable with editing the UNIX-style config files, the niload utility translates these into the netinfo database for you... it's...
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    Directory Structure

    Put your apps where ever you want... some of the CLI utilities (so far) only look for apps in /applications and ~/applications, but the the GUI part doesn't really care. Hopefully, there will be tools to make partitions mount where ever.. I really want to be able to mount a partition at...
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    Any news on the G4/G5 progress ?

    ...if all you do is run altivec-enhanced photoshop filters all day. While the g3/4 core may do more per clock cycle, it isn't doing twice as much. A 1.5 Ghz P3 can, unfortunately, spank our beloved machines in pretty much anything but the most vector-heavy, altivec-enhanced applications. Sorry...
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    Will the Mac OSX final release include?

    As far as the actual server tools included in OS X server*, all of them are the rock solid opensource server/php/sql implementations that basically every free UNIX has been running for many years. Apple just included pretty GIU's for admin. (No small step, mind you.) So the thought that Apple...
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    Will the Mac OSX final release include?

    No offense, but where did you even get this idea? Apple has had personal web sharing on previous OS's, I can't see why they wouldn't have a web server on OS X, and it certainly seems to be apache, from all accounts. Apache is still there in the newer builds, too. OS X server is just going to...
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    New iMacs

    I hear that the iMacs are much more subtle in person... the pictures look very garish because all of the transluscency and different depths of the colored elements is flattened. I'm pretty sure they will sell just fine to their target market. As far as the G3 issue, remember that until the...
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    Can't login as root

    Need some details man! My crystal ball suggests that maybe you're using a newer version than the PB? If so then no root is enabled, and you need to do that in NetInfoManager (or better yet, just use the sudo command -- much safer). If not, search these fora and the others for how to get back...
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    porting 'NIX software

    A good window manager makes X11 pretty decent. At my school, you walk in to the UNIX lab, and all the boxes are running Windowmaker or something similar, and there is a toolbar with buttons to click on for emacs, xterm, etc. It is really easy. Not to mention the fact that having a mouse and...
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    porting 'NIX software

    Heh heh. I wish. Luna my arse.
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    root can't delete locked files

    On a locked floppy, the little slider is supposed to prevent writes via some hardware mechanism. This does not apply to individual locked files on a hard drive at all. Locking something in software so that even root can't get to it strikes me as relatively new. Zach
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    MacOSX freeze during startup

    The reinstalling is really the easiest thing to do. (Not totally PC-ish, either -- most Mac-fix-it advice is to reinstall when you have a problem as severe as no system booting!) Especially in OS X when a reinstall doesn't touch anything you've done to the system, so there's no recovery period...
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    root can't delete locked files

    Does that worked even to delete locked files of a different user? While handy, it also worries me a bit. Also, the fact that root cannot delete some files is a bit annoying... could someone who knows the CLI tell me if rm works on locked files? (I'd do it, but I no longer have PB installed.)...
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    how to get a core dump in darwin?

    Here is the offending line from the generic cshrc that prevented me from seing core dumps on the solaris machines at school... I don't know how similar the BSD/darwin commands will be, though. limit coredumpsize 0 # don't write core dumps Zach