1. TuckerdogAVL

    why doesn’t auto fill work any more?

    Back in the olden days, prior to the latest OS updates, I could rely on auto fill on the iPad by pressing my thumb. Sometimes sort of occasionlly works now. So, into settings, keychain, look up site, highlight, copy, go back, paste…. save…. doesn’t. Back in the olden days, I would click on send...
  2. ChangeAgent

    AppleScript stopped working with VeraCrypt after update to VeraCrypt 1.25.4

    I have the following script that worked fine under version 12.4 Update 8 but stopped working when I upgrade VeraCrypt to the newer version (1.25.4). I use OS 11 by the way and presently have reversed back to VeraCrypt 1.24 as I need the encrypted/decrypt files almost on a daily basis. I found...