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    MacFUSE/VeraCrypt not working with OS13 and OS14 (error = kext load failed- -603947007)

    I have the following situation. I use VeraCrypt (VC) (version 1.25.9) that use MacFUSE (version 4.5.0). Presently we use OS12 (belt and braces approach learned from Apple Tech People long ago, “Never upgrade to the newest OS, let others test and wait till most bugs are out.”) and want to move...
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    AppleScript stopped working with VeraCrypt after update to VeraCrypt 1.25.4

    I have the following script that worked fine under version 12.4 Update 8 but stopped working when I upgrade VeraCrypt to the newer version (1.25.4). I use OS 11 by the way and presently have reversed back to VeraCrypt 1.24 as I need the encrypted/decrypt files almost on a daily basis. I found...