1-2 Minute Gui Freezes; 10.4; G3 Blue&white


I recently put 10.4 on my old Blue & White G3. I installed it on a brand new hard drive after removing the drive with 10.2 on it. (I still have the original small drive with 9.2)

Shortly thereafter, I started noticing that the GUI would freeze for a minute or two at a time, at about 5-15 minute intervals. The only thing on the GUI that worked was that the cursor followed the mouse movements.

Rebooting with the network disconnected didn't help. (Nor did rebooting by itself, or disconnecting the network by itself.)

Using 'top', I was able to figure out that the kernel task was using up all the CPU time during these GUI freezes.

What can I do to find out more about what the kernel task might be doing? What tools might give me more clues?