10.0.2 & Dual G4 Modem...was it fixed?


I am the law!
I can't maintain a connection long enough to download 10.0.2.
This is due to the bug which caused Kernel Panics in Dual G4 machines using the modem. It was *fixed* in 10.0.1..meaning the kernel panics went away, but I can't maintain a connection for more than 30 minutes.

So my question is, did apple fix the modem problem [ -264 disconnect error] in 10.0.2? If so, it would be worth my while to cart my G4 to a friends house for a road runner hook up :).
You don't have to use OS X's Software Update to get 10.0.2 - boot into OS 9 and download it from VersionTracker.

It helps a bit for me at least (DP 500), but the problem isn't gone yet. It seems either I disconnect after just a few minutes, or else I can stay on for well over an hour, maybe more.
It certainly did seem to help. I get a -264 once about every 5 hours now. Huge improvement. I don't have OS9 on this machine. I ended up downloading the update from my G3 from the TIL.