10.0.2 fried my docklings ?


echo $row['what_tha'];
On a Powerbook G4

after software update installed and optimized 10.0.2 and my system rebooted, the dock did not come up for a long time and a message kept flashing - never could read the contents...

Well once the dock loaded... my Battery, Airport, iTunes Control and magic 8 ball docklings had large white squares behind the icons and they no longer functioned... when clicked on nothing happened... so I removed them from the dock... But I really want the orginal Apple Battery and Airport docklings back...

Where the heck are they ??

help ;)


echo $row['what_tha'];
Guess I need to use sherlock more often ;)

Never mind... I simply re-draged the .dock(s) from the Dock Extras folder and the seem to work fine... still wonder why they didn't load right after installing 10.0.2 though.....

Elder Dan

I am seeing a lot of threads all over the place about Docklings being screwed up post-10.0.2 and the common element in all of them is the use of Magic 8 Ball dockling. Looks like nasty third party software exposing some sort of OS-internal bug. (I have only stock docklings on my TiBook, and have had no problems with them at all under 10.0.2)


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Don't be so quick to knock 8-ball. I don't have it, and I too had Dock problems like the ones described above when I went to 10.0.2.



echo $row['what_tha'];

Well, every since the 8 ball was no longer working, I removed it, and have not tried placing it back... yet I still have to remove and then place back the Battery and Airport docklings every time the dock is restarted via reboot, log-off > log-on... etc...

He He... I couldn't imagine how the 8 ball as complex and technologicaly advanced as it is... create such "Magical" havoc ;)