10.0.2 problems


after the update I have run into some problems:
itunes wont load because of a draw sprocket problem.
and omniweb and mail only bounce once when clicked and that's all that happens with them.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

That's odd. Everything's working fine on my system. Did you restart the computer and do you have the new version of Omniweb installed?

I thought that all the sprockets were discontinued in X or was that just the input sprocket?

Sorry I can't offer you any more advice :(,
NetSprocket was open sourced as OpenPlay and works on various platforms including OS X (check out publicsource.apple.com). Heck, originally it was Uber-something which Bungie developed for Myth.

Most of the important Draw Sprockets stuff is supported in OS X, mainly for switching resolutions.

Input Sprockets was axed, and unfortunately there is no replacement. HID is very low level, basically the same as USB HID in MacOS. I think it's an error not to replace Input Sprockets with something which at least calibrates joysticks. With HID each 3rd party developer has to calibrate joysticks with their own seperate code, and the user will have to do it for every app. All emulators will have to implement HID and write their own keymapping code.

I think it'll be a mess. Just look at apps which didn't use Input Sprockets....like Pod Racer! (The Horra!)