10.0.3 Update is out!

I think I heard something about icons in the finder window appearing better in a list when there are a lot of items in the folder. Other than that, squat I think. I know it has the updates of 10.0.2, so you can update from 10.0.1

The way they're presenting it (only requiring 10.0.1, and having the same link as 10.0.2) almost seems like its sole purpose is to fix a problem introduced in 10.0.2...
Whatever it's purpose, I'm glad to see that Apple's releasing updates fast and frequently. I hope the trend continues.

It fixes a bug where items would go missing in finder windows with alot of files in them. My downloads folder currently has over 2000 items in it (I haven't cleaned it out in forever) and under 10.0.2 the finder would only show anywhere from 700 - 1400 of them. It seemed to go alphabetically and usually cut off at around the letter M.

Also fixed, but not announced, is a clipping bug that I reported - under 10.0.2 when you dragged some text onto a closed folder in the Finder, the clipping file would be positioned off the bottom of the window, under 10.0.3 it appears correctly. OSX uses the lower left as its drawing origin, OS9 uses the upper left.
Also, is it just me, or did the 10.0.2 Finder not have the Duplicate and Make Alias items in its context menus?
So I've definitely been one of the lucky ones. I haven't had a single problem with OS X thru all the updates...until this one. I updated it via software update, it installed, and on restart...BOOM! kernal panic. anyone know how to fix these things.

Originally posted by rharder
Whatever it's purpose, I'm glad to see that Apple's releasing updates fast and frequently. I hope the trend continues.


To me, more updates means more bugs. Of cause also mean Apple is more responsive.

I just hope that the update doesn't add bugs to my computer. When the product is perfect, no update is need any longer.
I tried to install the update and while using the OMNI browser my powerbook g4 just stopped responding. I restarted it and then KERNEL Panic! Really cool, I'd not seen that message since I pushed a SGI Indigo 2 with some SoftImage Renders. I had to reinstall OS9 and OSX, but they actually kept a lot of the thing I had customized.

Anyone knows why was the kernel panic!?!


Powerbook G4 (basic cheapest config)
No operating system is perfect, least of all with respect to bugs.

As for introducing bugs, we all hope that these updates don't do that, but whether Apple sends updates every week or every year won't change whether or not there are already bugs in the shipping version of OS X.

Keep the updates coming, Apple!

Three things:
1) Endian...how dangerous are you ???
2) Does apple provide a description of what is being fixed with the updates? (It would be a nice feature for the updater app, an info box to tell you whats new :) ))
After updating to 10.0.3 remember to perform another
"chmod g-w /" if you want sendmail to work, it seems like the installer resets the group write privileges in the update.