Frantic Messenger of Hope
What's the deal? It seems to do the same thing that they said 10.0.2 did, and 10.0.2 is nowhere to be seen for download anymore. Also, the d/l for 10.0.3 on apple's site is some 14MB (as was 10.0.2), yet the software update said my d/l was only 1 and change. man, apple really has their you-know-what together on this software update thing. I swear the Finder gets faster with each update.

Am I the only one who has this yet?


ps can i just say how proud i am to be an apple customer? part of a growing contingent i might add. those kids in va getting those ibooks will one day be ripe consumers :)


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I have it. The reason that the file is around 15 MB is because it is the 10.0.2 update and the 10.0.3 update in one package.