10.0.4 kills sendmail!


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Don't worry, it's easy to fix, but I thought I'd warn everyone to prevent serious headaches. Upon installing the 10.0.4 update, / is reset to being group writeable. Oh those naughty Apple installers. Just type
chmod g-w /
/usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -q1h
which will reset the permissions and relaunch sendmail. (You did type all of that as root, right?) I started getting suspicious of something when I stopped getting my usual barrage of messages from the MacOSX.com mailer.

Also, pine gave me some warnings about /var/mail needing 1777 protection, but it seems to be working right...


Actually I think every .0.1 rev so far has
done the same thing. Very annoying.

Also the updates keep re-enabling root login over ssh.

And my php install broke, but that may have been my doing (reinstalling as I write).