10.0.4 messed my cpomputer up :(


10.0.4 sucks for me. Ever since installing it I get weird stuff happening. Specifically, when I open any classic app that uses TCP/IP the system will go into an infinite freeze.... spinning rainbow cursor, unpingable, cannot SSH into it. My only recourse is a hard reboot.

This only started happening after I installed 10.0.4. Apple has GOT to make a way to uninstall these patches. :mad:


btw, this behavior has so far been caused by: MSN Classic, Yahoo Messenger Classic, and RealPlayer Classic. Yes I know I can use Fire for MSN and Yahoo but that isnt the point. :) 10.0.4 has caused me more harm than good. And Apple doesn't listen..


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I haven't had any problems with 10.0.4, but as for Classic networking--I've never been able to get that to work!



I've got the 10.0.4 update on my machine and there have been no problems at all here. In fact, it's done my system a lot of good. My Classic apps run a bit faster and smoother, my system runs cleaner and better. There are still a ton of things Apple needs to work on but I can wait 2 weeks until they make some bit announcement at MacWorld.

Maybe you should reinstall your OS with a clean install. Then do all the updates from there. Or - it could be a problem with your software (which is probably the reason). Not all software is still supposed to work in Classic.


I am having the same problem here, and it is really annoying. Has anybody figured out a workaround to this problem yet? I have been able to avoid most classic apps that cause the crash, but i need quicken for online banking, and unfortunately it hangs the computer as well. How is this even happening? Aren't we supposed to have protected memory now?


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Aren't we supposed to have protected
memory now?

We do. Most likely the only thing that's hung up is Classic itself, or the window server. You could probably telnet in & kill them remotely.