10.0.4 SSH no go


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After I update to 10.0.4 I can no longer connect to the Linux box using SSH. The update also seem to have forgoten some of my settings. Back to SSH, when I attempt to connect to the Linux box it seems that it has forgoten the host so it ask if I want to continue connecting. If I say yes it returns this: "Disconnecting: Bad packet length 1314961732."

What the heck is that? Anyone know a fix for this? I really need to be able to connect to the Linux machine to do some of my work.

Thanks in advance guys!



Looks like they hosed the SSH2 part of the build; and with 2.9 defaulting to that when you use it, it won't work.

The workaround is to run

ssh -1 <hostname>

to have it use the SSH1 protocol.