10.0 on a 7600


Just thought I'd tell y'all about my latest waste of time. Using UnsupportedUtilityX, I got MacOSX 10.0 installed on a 7600 with a 1.2GB hard disk and 48MB of RAM. Minimum 128MB my ass! Still, you haven't seen thrashing until you launch IE on a machine with only 10MB of RAM free! Anyway, it's not completely useless. I installed OSXvnc and set it up as a NAT router and now it's a headless net server. God I love OS X. Can't wait to try 10.1 on it. The 7600 gives me a new appreciation for my G4. Anyone else installing OSX on unsupported machines?

Installed it on my 8500. So slow! I just bought a Quicksilver to replace it, that thing is FAST! One note to any who have not had good luck on their unsupported system: If you have a PowerLogix uprade card in your machine you need to take it out for X to run.

Have a great day!