10.1 and energy management : is it there ?


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I'm wondering if Apple has finally brought Mac OS X 10.1's energy management abilities on par with those of Mac OS 9.

(As you may know, a Mac running Mac OS X 10.0.4 is not Energy Star compliant (see the Apple documentation that came with your new Mac).)

I really like Mac OS X, but I cannot really use it with my iBook because it uses the battery charge in less than 2 hours... (one could argue that I could plug my computer... but that sort defeats the purpose of a portable !!! :D )

Does anyone have the answer ???
Wow, I didn't know that OS X was THAT much of a power hog, making Macs not energy STAR compliant! I'm surprised that software can hike up power consumption that much.
À propos de la norme ENERGY STAR

Les informations relatives à ENERGY STAR figurant dans le manuel de votre ordinateur s'appliquent aux configurations standard de l'ordinateur sous le système d'exploitation Mac OS 9.

Rough translation :

About the ENERGY STAR standard

Informations pertaining to ENERGY STAR in your computer's manual apply to the standard configurations of the computer running the Mac OS 9 operating system.

Source : iBook Mac OS X addendum leaflet (À lire avant de commencer), F033-1779-A, Apple Computer, 2001.
Ive attached the Energy Saver system preference panes from 10.1 so you can see whether it has been upgraded from 10.0.4.


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This picture doesn't really prove anything, unfortunately, since you don't have a portable Mac. (Historically, at least, the energy saving options available on a portable and on a desktop machine were very different...) I guess I'll have to wait and see !
Thats true, with the way the new OSX installs are configured, the installer would likely do some detection magic and adjust the energy install accordingly. Good luck.