10.1 and iBook G3 - Anyone Tested Yet ??


Has anyone tested the GM on an iBook USB 500MHZ and, if so, what performance do you get - for example, number of bounces to launch Internet Explorer, system preferences launch, DVD playback etc ?


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I have an iBook G3 with 192 MB RAM, and honestly i am somewhat dissapointed in the performance. OF course i didn't use the GM version. I used 5G48 but the performance boosts were very little. Also 5G48 was bugy as hell as I also heard that 5G59 was buggy as hell. I think Apple should spend more time on it. Hopefully 5G64 is much faster than 5G48. I used 5F24 and that was ALOT faster than 5G48...Anyways just my 2 cents...



i have it running on a pismo powerbook g3, 192meg. ram and it runs very fast (for that relatively slow hardware, of course) and stable, very smooth multitasking, very responsive gui, im very happy with it.


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I dunno what prob you seem to have whitesaint... My Ibook dual USB 500 with 384 MB ram is flying withG48... sure it is a little slower than few previews build... but i heard that they gained the speed back on G64.
The ibook is doing just fine with 10.1 .. speed and reliability are the words..... i am glad Apple supercharged X...
Well i know this is just my opinion.. But X + Ibook 500 .. is a winning DUO!!!