10.1 and Quicken 2002......


Anyone having trouble with Quicken 2002? The program unexpectantly quits, similar to what others have experienced with the Word preview. Interestingly enough, my Word X preview works fine.
Any suggestions?
I haven't had one problem with 2002 on 10.1 It does go a little slow, but other than that, nothing is broken.

Quicken 2002 quits unexpectedly on me ocassionally, but more importantly, I cannot import data from my bank. I just get an error message. The bank data file is QIF, and I am able to import it fine into Microsoft Money on my work machine. So the problem is with Quicken 2002. Does anyone have a work around for this.
I'm with jwblase. No problems as of yet. Oh, wait, I did have a "could not get index" error or something. It happened when I waas entering new data by hand, and not all the time. I found a way to rebuild the data file on Quicken's support page... Have you looked there?
I have spent hours reviewing Intuits support pages. It all boils down to importing the file which should convert it if its an older or Windows format. I'm probably going to boot into 9.2, try to import the file to Quicken 2000 and then export it to see if I can then import it to 2002 in 10.1. The prospects for corrupted data get pretty large. I may also try to reinstall Quicken to see if the import routine is corrupted.
I found the solution to the problem I was looking for pretty much right away.

Another idea: Can you export your bank's info as anything other than QIF that Quicken could read?
The problem I have with Quicken (ever since the 10.1.2 update) is that it unexpectedly quits when the application is launching. sometimes it takes me up to 5 tries to get it to start.

Sometimes I have to start it by clicking the icon in the Dock, sometimes I have to double click the data file, sometimes drag the data file onto the icon in the dock. Eventually I get it to launch. It's VERY frustrating.

But once it does launch, it works perfectly fine for me.
I've been using Quicken 2002 on 10.1 for a few months now, and have never had even one problem, including QIF imports. Now, balancing my account, that's been another problem. :rolleyes: :)
That's good to hear that it works somewhere. I won't give up just yet. I've imported and then exported the file from Microsoft money to see if it'll swallow it that way.
Originally posted by homer
I've been using Quicken 2002 on 10.1 for a few months now, and have never had even one problem, including QIF imports. Now, balancing my account, that's been another problem. :rolleyes: :)
Now is this a problem with Quicken, or your accounting, homer? :)

Like I mentioned, I had one problem with it that was resolved by rebuilding the data file. No problems since then.
Originally posted by nkuvu

Now is this a problem with Quicken, or your accounting, homer? :)

Well, it was a problem with my accounting practices, and with an unintuitive way of reconciling (IMHO). :rolleyes: But I solved it, by golly. I didn't get an A in high school accounting for nothing. :p Honestly, I took five years of it pre-college (that's the South African education system for you). :p
I've been using Quicken for years, and never thought that the reconcile was non-intuitive. But then again, I'm a programmer, like the people who probably designed Quicken. So if I had formal accounting education I might think that Quicken's reconcile is unintuitive also.
Nah, it was probably my fault. I'm probably not giving Quicken sufficient credit. I didn't figure out that it was some prior reconciliation attempts that were thwarting me at every turn. I was trying to start reconciling from a couple of months back, and Quicken just wouldn't understand that until I figured out that I needed to obliterate every record of my past attempts to reconcile. Once I figured out how to do that, it was a cinch.

The moral of the story? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing:rolleyes: :p
I'm not saying Quicken is the best program in the world, but it works perfectly for what I want it to do: Keep a record of my transactions, do some math for me, and provide a report every so often.

OK, this thread has kind of drifted. Perhaps we should see how they're doing, hmm?

jhorsmit, MacXtreme, vidiot1701 Hello. Still with us?

I'd like to know about the overall health of your system. Do you fsck ever? update_prebinding? Reboot? Do other applications crash? Is your system configured strangely? Are you positive you have good RAM? Have you backed up all critical information and reinstalled anything? Everything?

Let's get some interaction going so we can figure out what the problem is or may be.
After importing the bank's QIF file into MSF money, I then exported it and was then able to import it into Quicken 2002. It appears as though Quicken 2002 has some limitations in terms of which files it will import. Quicken acknowledges that there have been some changes to file formats in 2002 but claims that you will be able to "import" and manually correct anything that doesn't get carried over. Apparently not without some difficulty. I'm going to let them know about this experience and see whether they have any comment. If I get any substantive response, I'll post it.