10.1 and TiBook cd/dvd


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After installing 10.1 (Update) ... once I put a cd or dvd into the slot on my TiBook ... it never comes out until I stick a straightened out paper click into the tiny little hole ......

Not extemly annoying ... because I mostly use my external CD-RW for every thing CD..... (Never trusted the slot loading mechinism on the TiBook)... but When I put a DVD in there ... I have to manualy eject it now ... Not once has it ever ejected a CD/DVD after the upgrade .....
I had a similar problem *once*, under OS 9. The CD wouldn't show up, so I couldn't eject it (though I forgot to try the F12 key). In my case, I picked up the TiBook and when I squeezed it a bit with my right hand (it was open and running), there was a mechanical 'click', the CD began to spin and I haven't had a problem since. I guess something had gotten out of alignment in the case/mechanism but it popped back into place for me.

I even checked out a DVD on my TiBook under 10.1 the other day, and it appeared to work just fine.
I've seen this before.
If you're sure the F12 key doesn't work then try doing what mcasteel did. If that doesn't work you MUST send it into Apple support. When they send it back it will as good as new, and will come with a detailed paper on what might have gone wrong and how to manually fix it.