10.1 bootable?


Chief Evangelist
Does anyone know if the $20 version that you can get from Apple when it becomes available through the uptodate program will just be an update over the current OS X or it will be a full version that is bootable? In the past, I was able to get a full version of 9.1 CD updating from 9 for $20.

Ok, since no one is anwering my question I thought I help boost my thread. :D The so called update cd purportedly being readied to be handed out for free at Stores is an update. Would this be different from the one you would get from Apple? I hope owners of OSX now could get the whole 10.1 on the CD and not just the update over 10.0.4
I doubt that its going to be bootable...
and if it is its going to look for OS X already installed on your disk before it allows you to "update" your computer.

If it were bootable and no safeguard then people would just go to apple stores and say the want the update even though they did not have 10.0 :p