10.1 breaks NetInfo Manager


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When I select "Restart All NetInfo Domains on Local Host" from the Options menu I get an error which states: Can't find process ID for "nibindd"!

Sure enough, if I check the running processes nibindd is nowhere to be found. If I attempt to start nibindd myself from the terminal it starts up okay, but then NetInfo Manager still can't Restart Domains. In fact it just hangs there forever until I force quit it. Worse, force-quitting NetInfo Manager during this process turns out to be a Bad Thing™ that hangs the whole machine.

Alas, I have this same problem on all 3 of my Macs.
I think this is more an issue that Apple updated how it's supposed to work but forgot to implement it. Heh

Same thing happened to me - but I quit NetInfo first, then I started nibindd. Saw doing that actually started three nibindd processes...so I used kill to kill two of them off. Then I used the NetInfo restart script (/System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Kicker.bundle/Resources/restart-NetInfo) - it didn't hang me, it restarted my computer! Sheesh. And I was going for some uptime, too. :p