10.1 build 5g15


Hey, Look!
Apple has Mac OS X 10.1 Build 5G15 is available for download by registered ADC (Apple Developer Connection) members. The release includes a User Install and Dev Tools.

Registered users go get it and us how good it is!

Or go register and then tell us how good it is! I'm fairly sure registering is free...

(I'd go download it myself but I only have a dial-up connection...:( )
Originally posted by jdog
Where did you hear about this?
I've heard about 5G15 on Charrcho. I was about half way through download ing 5F26 (over 630MB) and I got this messege from the server owner saying that he needed all downloads to stop so that he could update his 10.1 to 5g15. I haven't been able to find that server since I logged off.:(
I used to follow the builds back after the public beta days but it got tiring after a while (I di not get any of the updates, I went from PB to final).

I think that unless you are a developer there is absolutelly no reason (other than pure curiosity) to get builds. They cause problems that wouldnt be caused with "finals", it's illegal (but when was the last time that stopped someone ?? lol :p) and finally, it's unpaid beta testing ;) (Why not get paid for it ??? lol :p)

I know what you mean. I am really not a fan of carrancho, but if the update was on a decent server, that got better than a 8-10k download, it would be fun to see how the performance was. The damn carrancho servers are just soooo slow and unreliable for a download like that.

I am also curious if there will be any major changes to cocoa, as far as developers are concerned.

software RAID....jummy!!!

That was great under Win2KServer, but how cool is this under OS X???

AAARG, can't wait ;)